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Build Back Together at EXIM’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference
August 05, 2021 Office of Communications and External Engagement & Office of Small Business


Meet other small and medium-sized business owners at EXIM’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference as we “Build Back Together” and become stronger than ever.

This year’s conference features a Small Business Track that will focus on practical strategies and tactics for implementing a successful exporting strategy including an interactive session to learn about financing for international transactions.

EXIM 101: Finance Solutions for Small Business

Considering exporting your product or service, or entering a new market, but concerned about how you will get paid or finance the transaction? Is your foreign buyer asking to lease your product? Learn how EXIM services can help you safely grow your export revenues.

  • Getting orders is difficult enough without worrying about getting paid. EXIM has a variety of options to give you the confidence to extend open account credit terms whether it’s for one customer, a portion of your customers, or all of your international buyers.

  • You are extending credit and have a good track record of collecting, but did you know that you could increase your collateral base by working with EXIM?

  • Congratulations, you closed a large deal. Unfortunately, your bank is being difficult about extending the line of credit you need to fulfill the order. We’ll discuss ways EXIM can help.

Registration is open and companies with 500 or fewer employees qualify for the Small Business Rate of $150 for the three-day event.

If you are interested in learning more now, request a free consultation with your local EXIM trade finance specialist.

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