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Security Enhancements to EXIM Online
March 27, 2023 Ken Click, Business Development Specialist

One of the initial items required of U.S. exporters and lenders to become an EXIM customer is to create an EXIM Online (EOL) user account. EOL is a transaction management system which supports various insurance and loan guarantee products. U.S. exporters and lenders are the recipients of these products and are required to maintain their policy or guarantee by completing various tasks in EOL. Task examples include reporting a shipment, paying a premium, requesting buyer coverage, submitting a disbursement request, and filing a claim. In addition, EXIM registered brokers may view their customer’s policy details, check the status of pending applications, and perform certain actions on behalf of the insured policyholder.

Nearly all EXIM product transactions except for loans are managed in EOL, including:

  • Multi-Buyer Insurance
  • Single Buyer Insurance
  • Financial Institution Buyer Credit Insurance
  • Letter of Credit Insurance
  • Medium-Term Export Credit Insurance
  • Medium-Term Loan Guarantee
  • Letters of Interest (LI)

In the past, EXIM customers could create and activate their user account on EOL immediately. However, as a result of recent federal cyber mandates to protect information and systems through a zero-trust framework, new user accounts will need to be verified by EXIM’s Office of Information Management and Technology (OIMT) before they are activated. This update will go into effect sometime in April 2023.

Every user account registered to a company will be reviewed prior to activation. The new verification process will be completed within one business day, and EXIM will communicate the status of the user account creation and confirm once the account is activated and available for login. There is no change to the broker account creation process because it is managed in-house by EXIM. 

This verification process is a follow-on to EXIM’s change in March 2022 when a multi-factor authentication (MFA) process was instituted for all users logging into EOL. These updates are the result of EXIM’s continued efforts to enhance the agency’s security posture and further safeguard information.

New EXIM customers can create an EOL account through this link on, and, if necessary, contact for further assistance.

To learn more about the application process and requirements for EXIM products and programs such as the ones mentioned above, please click here to schedule a consultation with a trade finance specialist.

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