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Service Exporter Guidance: The Digital Attaché Program
November 16, 2017 Tatiana Bertolo, Office of Small Business

Trade barriers have always existed and will continue to exist as the economy continues to evolve and modernize (especially during these digital times). The Digital Attaché program was started by the U.S. Commercial Service and it provides support to help digital service companies grow internationally. Digital Trade Officers are located in 12 key foreign markets to help companies access the global online marketplace and to help them navigate through foreign government regulatory and policy issues. The officers are located in U.S. embassies and consulates around the world and they contain significant in-country leadership and knowledge about the service industries/markets they serve.

As we all know, the economy has shifted to more of a services and/or digital economy. The digital economy comes with opportunities as well as challenges, and according to – “In 2014, the US exported roughly $400 billion in digitally-deliverable services, accounting for more than half of U.S. service exports.”  With this growing number, foreign governments are beginning to pursue protectionist policies, restricting the flow of information and data, which poses risks to companies trying to enter those markets. Therefore, the Digital Attaché program was created to assist U.S. companies with entering new service markets for the first time and tackling topics such as emerging technologies, intellectual property, privacy, cyber security and internet policy.

The following markets have Digital Trade Officers:

- Brussels, Belgium (European Union):
- Tokyo, Japan:
- New Delhi, India:
- Beijing, China:
- Sao Paulo, Brazil:
- Seoul, Korea:
- Jakarta, Indonesia: 
- Mexico City, Mexico: or 
- Johannesburg, South Africa:
- Düsseldorf, Germany:
- Paris, France:
- Singapore (ASEAN Region):

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