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A Small Business Exporter Serves McDonald’s Locations Worldwide
November 28, 2017 Elizabeth Thomas, Business Development Specialist, Office of Small Business

No road trip is complete without a dash through the Drive-Thru for a burger and a coke, and perhaps a hot apple pie to go with that. But with 60 to 70 percent of “Quick Service” restaurants experiencing over saturated Drive-Thru’s, you may opt to bypass the line of cars snaking through the parking lot and go inside, only to find the counter is crowded too. Enter Radius Networks, the Washington, DC, high-tech startup that is bringing high-touch solutions to a fast food world.

Radius Networks’ “mobile proximity” solutions, including interactive kiosks and customer location technologies that enhance the customer fast food experience, have been embraced by some of the world’s largest multinational companies. Landing a contract with a company the size and scope of McDonald’s is an awesome opportunity for any business. The challenge for a small business is that McDonald’s global is not one monolithic company; rather it is an enterprise of thousands of individual corporate partners across 119 countries that Radius Networks must sell to directly. Doing business with large multi-national organizations may be every small business owner’s dream, but it comes with a price. If an overseas buyer does not pay the bill, small companies have very limited recourse to recover the funds, unless those bills are covered by export credit insurance.

Working with EXIM Bank and Global Insurance Services of Ellicott City, Maryland, Radius Networks navigates this overwhelming landscape and delivers the highest quality solutions to the world’s largest fast food chain. Export credit insurance from EXIM provides Radius Networks protection from nonpayment by international buyers (covering up to 95% of the sales invoice), but the real value to the company is that export credit insurance gives the small business the ability to respond to a huge worldwide opportunity, empowering the 40-person company to compete for large contracts that require global fulfillment.

When asked about the benefits of working with EXIM, Joe Grajewski, Radius Networks CEO replies,

 “Don’t envision risk in the confines of your risk tolerance today. Export credit insurance lets you open up your risk tolerance, and that opens up new markets and new opportunities.”

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