Quick Reference Guide: All You Need to Know about Trade Finance

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Exporting makes financial sense now more than ever before, but as an exporter, you face risks most businesses never consider. Banks often hear “export” and become hesitant to offer financing or bonds, preventing you from growing your sales. 

To held you overcome these hurdles, the U.S. Department of Commerce presents the Trade Finance Guide: A Quick Reference for U.S. Exporters. This guide offers a simple overview of the financial tools available for your global trade business.

You'll learn about a variety of topics, including:

How to Get Paid

Getting paid in full and on time is every business's ultimate goal, but winning sales through credit terms favorable to customers can make this difficult. This guide dives into five possible payment methods, how they work, when you should use them, how to prevent the inherent risks, and more.

Exporter Support

Did you know that the federal government offers a variety of programs for U.S. exporters? You'll learn about federal agencies such as Small Business Administration, USDA, and EXIM. Fill out the form to learn more about small business programs the U.S. government is offering.