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Free Resources for Mining Export Data
August 09, 2022 Ken Click, Business Development Specialist

Exporters or those who are thinking about exporting can access trade-related data and tools from a variety of sources, and use this data to obtain U.S. export information about specific product categories, generate lists of promising new export markets, find businesses and individuals impacted by export restrictions, get a rough estimate of policy costs for short-term single buyer Export Credit Insurance from EXIM, and much more. There’s a lot of information online.

For a broader view of trade-related economic insights, here are two noteworthy International Trade Administration resources:

  • The ITA Monthly Trade Infographic, prepared by the ITA’s Office of Trade and Economic Analysis, includes sections such as monthly U.S. trade in goods and services this year versus last year (e.g. U.S. total export value was $255.9B in May 2022, $210.3B in May 2021, and $252.9B in April 2022), YTD trade in goods and services over a ten-year span, and YTD trade among America’s top five trading partners. These partners are Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

  • The ITA Manufacturing Industry Tracker provides up to 7 years of data, shown on a monthly basis, of economic indicators by 3-digit NAICS code with the ability to drill down to 4- or 5-digit NAICS codes. Components of the tracker include industry exports, employment, industrial production, a producer price index, and other indices.

    As an example of the tracker’s granularity, a search for food manufacturers (NAICS code 311) will populate all six of the tracker’s indicators. Clicking on the trendline within any of these indicators yields 5-digit NAICS codes that fall under the broad food manufacturer category, such as snack foods (NAICS code 31191) and dairy products (NAICS code 31151). 

It should be noted that these ITA resources offer visual representations of trade data but it is up to the user to build their own analysis from it. For more information about EXIM, please click here to schedule a free consultation with an EXIM trade finance specialist.

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