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How Do Small Businesses Find International Trade Leads?
May 09, 2017 Office of Small Business
Tagged: Exporting Tips

The website “ “ was created as a "one-stop shop" to help businesses grow their sales domestically and abroad. There are U.S. foreign commercial officers from the Department of Commerce that are placed in embassies and consulates around the world and they have resources that support U.S. businesses find international trade leads, foreign government projects to bid on and other funding projects. In addition, this "one-stop shop" includes links to country commercial guides, a market research library, embassy locations, points of contacts, and trade event information. Below are countires that have been identified as having the most number of international trade leads in a particular region of the world:

  • Africa: Malawi

Malawai has 35 active leads in the private sector, government sector or other entities that are looking to purchase goods and services such as motor vehicles, information systems, etc. Total active bid money: $710 Million.

  • Carribean: Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago has about 31 active trade leads looking for design and construction services, generating systems for water treatment plants, website development, etc. Total active bid money: $166 Million.

  • Asia: British Indian Ocean territory

About 58 active trade leads looking for support on their railway sector, urban development, agribuiness infrastructure, etc. Total Bid Money: $10 Billion

  • Europe: United Kingdom

The U.K. has over 13,000 trade leads ranging from projects in construction consultancy, mobile plant equipement, legal work to IT services. Total bid money is not reported.

  • Middl East: Tunisia

Tunisia has about 25 active leads in sectors that range from education, distribution, logistics, utlities to waste management services. Total Bid Money: $5 billion

  • North America: Canada

Canada has over 20,000 leads in projects such as dam rehabilitation, float reconstrution, backup generators and fuel tank support.  Total bid money is not reported.

  • Oceania: Australia

Australia has about 12 leads in sectors such as construction, finance, insurance, mining and oil and gas. Total active bid money: $32 Billion.

  • South America: Colombia

Colombia has 18 leads in sectors such as agricultural development, education services, tranportation and warehousing, waste management services and commercial fishing equpiment. Total Bid Monday: $23 Billion.

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