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Is Your Website Export Ready?
August 24, 2017 Elizabeth Thomas, Business Development Specialist, Office of Small Business
Tagged: Exporting Tips

The export strategy is clear, the marketing and sales teams are aligned and export credit insurance is in place. Time to take international orders, right? Oops, not so fast – is your website export ready?

Jennifer Simpson, a seasoned trade finance executive and EXIM Regional Director offers some quick, easy and inexpensive updates that will help drive business and maximize the investment in becoming export ready:

Does your company address list that you are in the USA?

Companies in other countries may not know that South Carolina is a US State!  Do you know where the State of Gujarat is?  It’s in India!

Your phone contact information is just as important.

For customers in other countries to call you, they need your landline number, and cannot dial a 1-800 number.  Make sure to put your area code in your phone listing.

Additional phone number fact

The international dialing code for the USA is +1 before your landline or cell number.  If you include this, potential customers can just click from their smartphones to dial you directly!

Is there an international tab on your webpage?

While it is not a necessity, if potential international customers come to your website and see a tab dedicated to international, with a contact person specifically listed, they are more encouraged to reach out for a quote.

Contact us section.

Make sure to include “Country” as one of the address drop-downs in the fillable “contact us” portion of your website so that customers will know you are open for business outside of the USA!

For additional tips on ensuring you are export ready, check out  An Exporter's Checklist. For additional tips on making sure your export credit insurance policy is in place to protect you download EXIM’s Guide to Export Credit Insurance, and call your local EXIM representative today:

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