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EXIM Celebrates Presidents' Day
February 22, 2024 Courteney Bush, Public Affairs Specialist

Designated by Congress in 1885, Presidents’ Day is a time for us to honor and recognize the 46 men who have served in the country’s highest office.

This year, as the Export-Import Bank of the United States celebrates its 90th anniversary, we are taking the opportunity to specially acknowledge our 32nd president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. President Roosevelt established EXIM by executive order on February 2, 1934, setting into motion 90 years of dedication to and support of American businesses and workers.

As part of this year’s commemorative activities, President and Chair Reta Jo Lewis recently visited the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, NY. Joined by FDR’s great-granddaughter, Dr. Sara Boettiger, Chair Lewis toured the library grounds and later hosted a fireside chat.


“For the past 90 years EXIM has provided unparalleled expertise and financial tools to support world-class U.S. exporters as they changed the face of the global marketplace,” said Chair Lewis. “We remain as committed today as when we were founded to meet our mission, deliver for U.S. exporters of all sizes, and ensure they can unleash their full potential to support good-paying jobs here at home.”

As EXIM looks forward to the next 90 years, we are more determined than ever to advance our mission and continue our work supporting the American worker.

Read more about EXIM’s history here.


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