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EXIM Takes Worries Off Exporters' Plate
August 06, 2020 Office of Small Business

Has your small business started to export U.S. products or services?  

Most small business owners have worries. Will my customers pay on time? Can I pay my bills and loans to keep my operations afloat? Sometimes exporting can present additional worries or concerns— how will my small company maintain cash flow with international demand for my inventory?

It does sound concerning, but with 95 percent of the world’s population, and therefore consumers, living outside the United States, exporters can seek assistance through the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM).  As a U.S. federal government agency, EXIM assists U.S. small businesses increase the sales of their international goods and services. These exporters can confidently rely on EXIM’s trade finance solutions.  Plus, EXIM believes that no company or transaction is too small for its support. In fact, about 90 percent of EXIM’s total transactions support small companies.

EXIM has worked with commercial lenders to create the Delegated Authority Lenders Program. The lenders have been rigorously screened by EXIM and have agreed to EXIM’s standards and policies. These lenders are enabled to approve and provide loans to exporters. EXIM guarantees 90 percent repayment of loans (increased to 95% during the COVID-19 pandemic).

In addition, the EXIM Working Capital Loan Guarantee allows a greater share of your company’s export-related inventory and foreign-receivables to be used as collateral by your lender.  The advantage of this larger collateral is that it allows your business to borrow more. This credit line can be used to fulfill export sales orders (e.g., purchase materials, hire more staff, complete work in process inventory to produce manufactured goods, and cover shipping costs).

Save yourself from headaches by seeking trade finance solutions from EXIM. Grow your business and profits with more international sales.

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EXIM’s Blog postings are intended to highlight various facets of exporting, but the postings are not legal advice, and are not intended to summarize all legal requirements associated with exporting.