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Save the Date for the EXIM 2021 Virtual Annual Conference
May 13, 2021 Office of Communications and External Engagement & Office of Small Business

Coming to a computer near you! EXIM’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference will be held September 21st – 23rd and will include sessions specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Small business owners who are driving revenue growth through exporting will talk about the challenges and opportunities of participating in the global marketplace and EXIM specialists will present the whys and hows of EXIM solutions for exporters.

Topics under development for breakout sessions include:

  • Small Business – a Big Deal for Exim! An interactive discussion with established small business customers on how they achieved success in exporting with the support of EXIM.
  • Buyer financing for capital equipment sales - a forum to explore how EXIM’s medium-term loan guarantees assist U.S. exporters in securing financing for foreign buyers of U.S. made products.
  • EXIM 101 – an overview of EXIM trade finance solutions for businesses and projects of all sizes.

As we get closer to the conference, we will share tips and tools to navigate the virtual conference platform, best ways to network ... and much more! Sign up here to receive real-time updates on speakers and sessions.

And as always, to learn more, request a free consultation with your local EXIM trade finance specialist.

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