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Export Connect - A New Resource for Exporters
July 30, 2020 Ken Click, Business Development Specialist

Many resources are available to small businesses during every step of the exciting exporting process but locating all of them isn’t always straightforward. Enter Export Connect, an online portal created in partnership by Getting to Global and the State International Development Organizations (SIDO). Export Connect consolidates these resources into a comprehensive, centralized place.

What’s in the Export Connect portal? First, there’s a directory section that lists professionals across all trade-related domains, ranging from eCommerce to regulatory matters. Each filterable listing in this section – company and individual – contains a profile with contact information, helping exporters to source new contacts. Elsewhere in the portal, there are sections for exporter tools & resources, financing & insurance, and lists of state-designated economic development organizations and Export Connect’s partners.

The tools & resources section contains a descriptive summary of each listing, enabling exporters to quickly understand benefits. Notable tools include an Export Accelerator and a Duties and Taxes Calculator. Use the former tool to discover the most promising export markets based on inputting a Harmonized Schedule (HS) code, among other features, and the latter tool to estimate exporting fees based on inputting a HS code again along with a destination country and other basic criteria.

The financing & insurance section has details about solutions from the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (EXIM) and others. EXIM products in this section include Export Credit Insurance which protects against foreign buyer nonpayment due to commercial and/or political risks and the Working Capital Loan Guarantee which can help an exporter win more foreign sales by increasing its borrowing base.

Considering Export Connect’s many sections and the categories within them, the portal brings awareness to a wide array of exporting resources. If you’re ready to take the next step on your exporting journey, schedule a free consultation with an EXIM specialist today.

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