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To All Who Have Served, Thank You and Happy Veterans Day!
November 11, 2020 Eugene Uhm, Business Development Specialist

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) would like to thank all former and current members of the armed forces for your service and sacrifice on this Veterans Day.

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM), Office of Small Business, and Minority and Woman Owned Business group (MWOB) is fully committed to supporting all veteran-owned businesses. In particular, MWOB is specifically focused on outreach and counsel to minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses. Michael K. Jackson is the dedicated point of contact on the MWOB team and his portfolio includes supporting veteran-owned businesses.

Recently, EXIM co-hosted webinars with numerous veteran associations groups like the Women Veterans Alliance (WVA) and the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC). The WVA provides a community online and offline of veteran networking groups, community events, and national conferences. The NVBDC provides a credible and reliable certifying authority to veteran-owned businesses of all sizes. This ensures certified veteran owned businesses are eligible for all available assistance packages from corporations to government agencies.

These webinars showcased the resources that are available to veteran-owned businesses and how EXIM can provide export financing solutions, such as export credit insurance and working capital loan guarantees to overcome the veterans’ trade challenges and obstacles. On-demand recordings of the WVA webinar and NVDBC webinar are available for your viewing pleasure.

Craig Carson, veteran owner and CEO of Jeco Plastics Products, is an EXIM customer who has benefited from EXIM’s export credit insurance. Craig has said export credit insurance is “absolutely essential” for any exporter and “it made quite a difference” for his company by having a policy when they were dealing with the bankruptcy of a Canadian company. When dealing with a German company, Carson said they had to get a “special credit release from EXIM, made all the difference in the world in terms of cash generation”.

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