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Increase Global Sales By Attending the HealthCare Connections Expo
September 07, 2016 Tatiana Bertolo, Office of Small Business

Look no further – the U.S. Commercial Service will be hosting a Discover Global Markets: Healthcare Connections Expo in Seattle, Washington from September 13-15th. This expo will help U.S. companies find new healthcare sector opportunities and industry experts will share best practices, tips and advice on how to succeed in international markets. In addition, EXIM Bank is partnering with the Department of Commerce to help U.S. companies prepare before meeting international buyers at this expo (more details on how we can help you increase global sales are found at the end of this article).Who from your company should attend this event? C-level executives accountable for business development opportunities and sales/marketing professionals accountable for acting on sales prospects and market demands. The most important highlights from this event will be the following:

  • Meet with commercial diplomats from 20+ countries
  • Hear from leading healthcare industry experts
  • Meet your next international buyer
  1. Meet with Commercial Diplomats

Gain customized market intelligence by Commercial Diplomats in order to position your small business for global success in the following markets: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Central America, EU, Germany, India, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nordics, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Serbia and Vietnam.

  1. Hear From Leading Healthcare Industry Experts

Learn about international export opportunities and projects, industry trends and regulatory issues. Some topics include: How Big Data is Changing Healthcare, Accessing Europe, U.S. FDA Regulations of Imports and Exports, Taking Pharma Global.

Charles Barnett, Loan Officer at the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., will also be a guest speaker at the event. He will be speaking about EXIM Bank’s Medical Equipment Initiative (MEI) on a panel called “Can You Survive the Maze? Working with Federal Agencies”, which is an initiative that offers solutions to increase U.S. medical equipment exports for U.S. companies by providing support to their foreign buyers who are otherwise unable to access financing. In addition, take a look at our latest blog article on medical device exporters.

  1. Meet Your Next International Buyer

The Department of Commerce offers business-to-business matchmaking (B2B) with international buyers looking to source goods and services from U.S. healthcare companies. You can review a list of the international buyer delegate companies and request a 20 minute one-on-one meeting. These buyers are looking specifically at health IT solutions, medical device solutions and pharmaceuticals.

If you cannot attend the event, but you’d like to get the latest information on the healthcare global market, the Department of Commerce recently published the Healthcare Technologies Guide that provides a detailed analysis of over 70 countries’ healthcare market.

How EXIM Can Support Your Healthcare Business Go Global

EXIM Bank provides support for small business healthcare exporters by offering export credit insurance and working capital loan guarantees to fulfill export sales. Why should you speak with an EXIM rep BEFORE going to the Healthcare Connections Expo? With export credit insurance, you can obtain financial due diligence on foreign buyers, agents and distributors you meet at the event, and for marketing/sales purposes, you’ll be able to close deals faster when foreign buyers request open account (extended) terms. Our EXIM Bank Regional Director, John Brislin will be on hand at the event, but if you’d like to set aside one-on-one time to speak with him before or during the event, please fill out this form.

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