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Why Some EXIM Export Credit Insurance Claims are Denied
September 29, 2020 Ken Click, Ursula Wegrzynowicz & Amy Davis

Filing a claim for an EXIM Export Credit Insurance (ECI) policy has some requirements, like any insurance policy. EXIM recommends reviewing the requirements of the policy upon acceptance to ensure you have the proper controls and/or policies/procedures in place to perfect a claim. EXIM is always available to assist you throughout the entire process. Below is a partial list of reasons, compiled in no particular order, why some EXIM multi- and single-buyer export credit insurance policies get denied.

  • Shipping Documentation Issues. A key difference between private sector insurance carriers and EXIM is that EXIM requires proof of export (your third-party shipping documents must show the goods you sold left the U.S. and were received by the buyer in the buyer’s country). If you allow the buyer to pick up the shipment in the U.S, please remember you will still need copies of the third-party shipping documents if you file a claim. There are some notable EXIM exceptions to these rules:
    • EXIM multi-buyer policies with delivery to Mexico and Canada allow shipment to the U.S. border as long as the purchase order (PO) says to deliver to said location and a bill of lading from a third-party carrier is provided to document that delivery.
    • A policy endorsement is added that allows for U.S. delivery.
    • EXIM multi-buyer policy allows you to ship to someone other than the buyer as long as you have written instructions from the buyer to ship to that location and the destination is open in the Country Limitation Schedule (CLS).
  • Filing a Late Claim. Most claims must be filed within 8 months of the due date of your original invoice. If there’s a nonpayment issue, U.S. exporters covered under an EXIM ECI policy need to communicate it to EXIM. Claims can be filed online and your credit insurance broker or EXIM can provide assistance over the phone or through email. Please note a claim filing extension may be requested at
  • Not Paying Premiums. For example, if you invoice a customer on September 1st, EXIM gives you until October 31st to report the shipment and pay the premium. This is an example of EXIM’s flexibility – ship and then pay – but if you forget to pay the premium, you are uninsured.

EXIM can provide more information about its policies, including requirements, endorsements, and the claims process. Click here to complete a free consultation with an EXIM specialist.

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