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5 Ways to Maximize Your Exports
December 17, 2014 Sharyn H. Koenig, Managing Director, Small Business Group

The Export-Import Bank of the United States offers protection to your U.S. business against foreign buyer nonpayment and assumes the credit and country risks that your business and private lenders are unable or unwilling to accept when exporting.

EXIM Bank gives you the tools to optimize your cash flow, protect against risk, and compete overseas by offering direct working capital loans  to your business and working capital guarantees  to lenders (pre-export financing); export credit insurance to protect you against buyer nonpayment; and loan guarantees and direct loans (foreign buyer financing).

5 ways you can maximize your exports

  1. Use export credit insurance to insure your foreign receivables to make them eligible collateral for a line of credit. Credit-insured foreign receivables may be added into your borrowing base, increasing your ability to obtain a line of credit with your lender.
  2. Extend open account terms to your foreign buyers and protect against nonpayment Instead of requiring cash in advance or costly letters of credit, use export credit insurance to extend open account terms to your foreign buyers and protect against nonpayment.
  3. Access a direct loan for pre-export financing. If you are a qualified small business that needs capital to pay for materials, equipment, labor, and other factors that go into making and exporting your products, use Global Credit Express to access a direct loan for pre-export financing.
  4. Offer your foreign buyer five-year credit terms. If you export U.S. made capital intensive products EXIM Bank may be able to offer your foreign buyer credit to purchase your goods.  Additionally, EXIM Bank may be able to arrange to have you paid-out upfront by a U.S. commercial lender.
  5. Secure financing to export used products, as well as services, sales made from an overseas bonded warehouse, and “drop-shipments”. Do not limit yourself to exporting only new products, EXIM Bank products and services are designed to cover a variety of U.S. exports. 

No transaction is too large or too small.

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