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Brand New eBook: A Basic Guide to Exporting
June 25, 2015 Daniel Ford, Business Development Specialist, Small Business Group

Are you exporting for the first time? Have you exported before, but things have changed? Do you need answers to your export questions, but aren’t sure where to find them?

The Department of Commerce’s brand new edition of A Basic Guide to Exporting is the book for you, with 239 pages of all the nuts-and-bolts information you need.

Revised, rewritten and updated with relevant information for today’s exporter, the guide covers a range of useful topics, including:

  • How to identify markets for your company’s products
  • How to create an export plan
  • How to finance your export transactions
  • Sources of free or low-cost export counseling
  • A case study of Patton Electronics, a Maryland-based company that leveraged Department of Commerce support to penetrate foreign markets and EXIM working capital loan guarantees to unlock cash flow.

Download a digital copy of the book today, and make sure to check out Chapter 15: Financing Export Transactions.

Learn how working capital guarantees work!