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EXIM Support Helps Veteran's Business Save Lives Worldwide
September 24, 2019 Elizabeth Thomas, Business Development Specialist

“I never started this business to make money,”  Ross Johnson, founder and CEO of Tactical Medical Solutions told the Anderson Independent Mail in August 2016. “I started because the people in combat situations didn’t have the right equipment, and people were dying.”

A former Special Forces medic for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, Johnson worked in the harshest conditions on a daily basis, battling dust, dirt, multiple casualties, and hostile fire to care for wounded soldiers. To lose someone because the right tool is not at hand is a tragedy.

Johnson started his business with a sewing machine in his parents’ home. Between his three tours of duty in Afghanistan, he created new kinds of tourniquets that could be quickly and easily applied for hemorrhage control.

Export Credit Insurance Accelerates Company Growth

Once he returned to civilian life, his company’s reputation for quality and innovation grew quickly and created demand for the products worldwide.  Faced with the opportunity to expand overseas, the TacMed team developed a strategy to maximize its footprint in international markets.  The challenge was to undertake international expansion on multiple fronts, while protecting the company’s finances.

With EXIM support, TacMed offered open account credit terms to existing international customers, enabling them to carry more inventory and improving delivery time in remote areas.  Export credit insurance from EXIM also empowered TacMed to compete aggressively for new customers, especially in developing countries that have a compelling need for its products.

“EXIM is honored to work with companies like TacMed,” says former Congressman, veteran, and a proud member of the American Legion Spencer Bachus III, member of the EXIM Board of Directors and EXIM small business designee. “Their story is inspiring, and their efforts touch the lives of people around the world.”

Small Businesses Can Become Big Exporters

Today, the TacMed team has grown to more than 100 employees.  The company’s suite of products addresses a broad spectrum of first responder needs including wound care, rescue and evacuation, and other life saving devices, and the company exports to more than 70 countries. 

When asked what advice he would give other small businesses, Ross Johnson says:

“Don’t be afraid to move forward and grow your business outside of our borders – exporting is not just for large companies. There are plenty of programs available to help you navigate the challenges of exporting, reduce your risk and grow your business!”

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Read more about EXIM support for businesses started by veterans, and if you would like to take Ross’ advice, click on the link below for a no-cost consultation with an EXIM representative.

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