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Export Your Goods and Services to Canada
March 01, 2016 Office of Small Business

Canada is the United States’ largest export market. This is due to its close proximity to the U.S., a shared history and language, but also the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). These geographic and technical advantages have minimized barriers to trade, and have harmonized a lot of industry regulations between the U.S. and Canada.

This integration between the two countries has fostered a common business culture and rule of law, and ensures an ease of doing business unparalleled around the world between two countries. All this and more makes Canada an ideal market place for U.S. businesses looking to export for the first time, or who have received inquiries from Canadian customers and have remained hesitant about starting their export journey.

High-profile industries in Canada that currently demand U.S. exports include but are not limited to: aerospace, agricultural machinery and equipment, automotive, oil and gas and other mining sectors, and renewable energy. Although selling to these different sectors internationally may be daunting, it is easy to overcome this fear by contracting with a local Canadian wholesaler. A wholesaler acts as a middle man between your company and your Canadian customers and can ease the burden of doing business in a foreign country. The U.S. Foreign Commercial Service recommends the following:

To sell to:

Secure an agent in

The aerospace sector 


The auto sector  


The Canadian government 


Alberta energy sector

Calgary or Edmonton

If selling the product internationally isn’t the fear, but getting paid is, there’s a solution for that as well. Both the Export-Import Bank of the U.S.  and the U.S. Small Business Administration offer export credit insurance and working capital to support U.S. exports. Export credit insurance, provides your business the security of payment, by insuring your exports of U.S. goods and services, while working capital can provide the financing required to fulfill your sales orders.

To learn more about exporting to Canada check out the Commercial Service’s Country Commercial Guide.

Already exporting, but need financing, or are worried about getting paid? Contact a local EXIM representative  to learn more about financing available to U.S. businesses.

Learn how export finance solutions can help your company grow!