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EXIM Broadens Outreach Efforts with Finance, Credit and International Business (FCIB) Association Webinar
January 14, 2021 Ken Click, Ursula Wegrzynowicz & Jennifer Krause
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A credit manager is typically responsible for handling decisions about credit risk which in turn impacts their company’s top and bottom lines. To assist credit managers and other trade finance professionals in their professional development, the Finance, Credit & International Business Association (FCIB) provides industry education, training, and more. FCIB, with its 1,100 members, is a division of the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), the largest American credit organization which counts over 16,000 U.S. businesses amongst its membership.

To reach this community, the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (EXIM) is collaborating with FCIB on an educational webinar. Titled A Creative Approach to Accounts Receivable Insurance, the webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9th, 2021, and will explore how credit insurance can be used as a tool that protects the collectability of a company’s accounts receivable, similar to how property insurance covers a company’s real estate and fixed assets should a loss occur.

During the webinar, Ursula Wegrzynowicz and Jennifer Krause, Broker Account Managers at EXIM, will also explain how EXIM’s Export Credit Insurance can provide coverage of a company’s foreign accounts receivable. In the event of foreign buyer nonpayment due to commercial and/or political risks, EXIM’s Export Credit Insurance can be an effective risk mitigation strategy. A company’s largest asset is often its accounts receivable and this asset often goes unprotected!

Whether you are a credit professional or a small business interested in learning more, please click here to schedule a free consultation with an EXIM trade finance specialist.

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