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Offer Competitive Credit Term Financing to Your Foreign Buyer: VIDEO
December 24, 2014 Small Business Team, Ex-Im Bank

Don't lose a sale because of credit terms, learn about Ex-Im Bank's foreign buyer financing

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s webinar on the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) foreign buyer financing program offers relevant information on medium and long term guarantees, including medium-term credit insurance, available for U.S. made capital intensive goods and services.

Medium and long term financing allows your business to compete overseas by providing flexible credit terms to your foreign buyer. In this webinar learn about the difference between credit insurance and a guarantee. In addition, learn about letters of interest and preliminary commitment, and distinguish when each of these are necessary. Also hear about some of Ex-Im Bank’s special programs available for environmentally sustainable goods and services, including co-financing opportunities for exports that have foreign made inputs.

Listen as Kyle Jackson, Senior Loan Officer of Ex-Im Bank’s Trade Credit Division highlights the benefits and opportunities Ex-Im Bank medium and long term guarantees and medium-term credit insurance can provide your business, and how to apply.

Competitive Financing for your Foreign Buyers

EXIM Bank’s medium-term guarantees and medium-term credit insurance allows U.S. businesses to mitigate the risk of doing business abroad, compete more effectively overseas, and turn accounts receivable into much needed cash flow.

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