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The First Steps to Becoming an EXIM Export Credit Insurance Customer
December 13, 2022 Ken Click, Business Development Specialist & Jennifer Krause, Managing Director, Broker Accounts

Several Export Credit Insurance (ECI) checklists have been published on EXIM’s Export Finance Solutions blog, including A Pre-Application Checklist for EXIM Single-Buyer Policies to help U.S. exporters better understand if EXIM’s Single-Buyer Insurance is a fit and ensure a successful policy application, and Can Your Foreign Buyer be EXIM Credit Qualified, which outlines the required documents that must be provided by exporters who are seeking an ECI policy to have their foreign buyer considered by EXIM’s underwriting department. Here are some of the initial items needed from U.S. exporters to become an EXIM customer:

  • A DUNS Number. This is a unique 9-digit number generated from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), a data and analytics company, that provides financial and credit information about a business. The number, which never expires, is used by EXIM, lenders, and others to make business decisions. It can be obtained by completing this form on the D&B website.

  • A Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) and Active Registration. In early 2022, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced that all firms seeking federal financial assistance (FFA) from the U.S. Government are required to obtain an active registration including the issuance of a UEI. All applicants for FFA from EXIM are impacted by this new UEI requirement, including new insurance applicants and insurance policy renewals. A UEI number can only be obtained directly through the official government website

    Guidance about registering on and obtaining a UEI number can be found in the Financial Assistance Awards section of the downloadable Entity Registration Checklist on The EXIM website has a UEI Q&A page as well.

  • An EXIM Online (EOL) Account. U.S. exporters who have extended credit to a foreign buyer and are covered under an EXIM policy must report shipments and pay premiums on EXIM Online, a transaction management system. New EXIM customers can create an EOL account through this link on the website.

For more information about these items, click here to schedule a consultation with an EXIM trade finance specialist.

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