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Getting to Global: Is Your Small Business Ready? (Update)
May 31, 2018 Office of Small Business

The Getting to Global initiative is a public/private partnership that unites business executives, government entities and industry experts to empower small to medium-sized companies to sell more online and overseas. This partnership brings live training events around the world as well as resource rich information with best practices, export tools and interviews from retailers, distributors, and suppliers. The program is managed by Global Retail Insights Network, Foundation for American Science and Technology, CyberUSA and California’s Center for International Trade Development (CITD). Other partners include Google, Facebook, eBay, Small Business Administration and the National Association of Manufacturers.

Target Audience

About 65% of Getting to Global clients have about 100 employees or less. Companies can range from startups to companies who have had 10+ years of experience selling abroad, but haven’t yet fully optimized their export strategy into more global markets. A typical client commits about 10% of its operating budget to exporting and exports to about 5 countries a year which generates 12% of its annual revenue.


Here are some tools to help your export business get started:

1. Export Credit Insurance

Learn how to:
  • protect your accounts receivable from nonpayment by international customers,
  • sell to international customers on open account credit terms,
  • borrow against export-related assets and,
  • finance an international buyer’s purchase
  1. Google’s Market Finder

Find markets that best fit your business, prepare your business to go global with Google tools and guides and reach global customers looking for what you sell.

  1. Facebook IQ

Use Facebook’s Cross-Border insights finder to find the right leads and compare data across countries.

 4. Consolidated Screening List

This List consolidates lists from the Department of Commerce, State and Treasury into a single data feed to help businesses screen potential leads before doing businesses.

 5. Trade Lead List

A list that contains contract opportunities, leads, and contract notifications for U.S. businesses selling their products or services. This list is consolidated from the State Department’s Business information database system (BIDS), FedBizOps, The UK, Canada, Australia, US Trade and Development Agency and the Millennium Challenge corporation.

 6. Trade Events

A list of events that include industry conferences, webinars, lectures and trade missions organized by the International Trade Administration including the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, State Department and Small Business Administration.

 7. ITA - Export Assistance Centers

There are almost 200 International Trade Administration offices around the world and domestically to help you navigate the export world.

 In the near future, Getting to Global, will be holding global trade courses and industry specific events. If you would like more information about getting your export business started, click on our “Basic Guide To Exporting” eBook below:

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