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Obtain and Maintain Your DUNS Number
March 04, 2020 Ken Click, Business Development Specialist

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, having a DUNS number from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is part of the qualification process to be considered for Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) products. EXIM simply won’t be able to work with your business without one. DUNS numbers are used by EXIM and others in the financial community to make business decisions, and obtaining one of these exclusive numbers involves completing a web form on the D&B website.

You can’t just get a DUNS number and then forget about it, though. If your business already has a DUNS number and recently experienced an address, name, or ownership change, you’ll want to update your DUNS number through this link right away so there are no quandaries with EXIM and/or your other financial stakeholders in a future time of need. But D&B will also need proof from you to fulfill any update requests – be ready to upload 2 documents from D&B’s accepted documents list to their website during this process as well. The types of accepted documents vary depending upon the type of update you’re providing to D&B, however D&B expressly states that any document you do share with them must include your business’s current main office address and legal name. This is the process you must follow.

Please take the time to get your DUNS number and then maintain it if there are any important changes to your business. It will make things easier when you really need it. 

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