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More Country, Market, & Industry Data Resources
April 07, 2023 Eugene Uhm, Business Development Specialist

We have discussed several Market Research Resources for Exporters including resources from the International Trade Administration (ITA), U.S. Census Bureau, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Here are two additional resources that you may not have known about, World Bank Development Indicators and Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD).

The World Bank Development Indicators and OECD Statistics resources are two extremely valuable (and perhaps underutilized) country, market, and industry database tools. The data available through the World Bank is incredible and can be used by everyone free of charge. The World Bank Development Indicators includes open data that is organized into themes and topics such as:

  • Social
  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Agriculture
  • Finance Competitiveness & Innovation
  • Jobs & Development
  • Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment

The database is searchable by countries, regions, income levels, demographic dividend groups, small states, and much more. One important note, the database is quite extensive and can be difficult to navigate. However, the World Bank does offer a basic “get started” section to provide some guidance on how to use the site.

The OECD is an international organization that works to build better policies for better lives. Between the 38 countries who are members and key partners, the organization represents approximately 80% of world trade and investment. The OECD Statistics provides a free comprehensive set of data on education and training, science technology and patents, and numerous other sectors that are not included in the World Bank database.

When it comes to searching for country, market, and industry data you can never have enough sources. Utilizing all available resources will put you in the best position to succeed globally. Our trade finance specialists at the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) are available to be an additional resource for when you are ready to “go global”. Schedule your free consultation today and be prepared to take the next step in your exporting journey.

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