Getting Paid: 3 Things to Consider Before Filing Your Claim

November 10, 2016

International trade is fraught with uncertainty and getting paid is never a sure thing, but there are steps you can take to limit the risks before the nastiness begins. Remember, extending "open account" credit terms as a competitive tool with EXIM Bank export credit insurance is conditional on meeting policy requirements. Before you send the final letter demanding payment ask yourself the following three questions.

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5 Reasons US Exporters Underutilize Trade Credit Insurance

July 14, 2016

 If it’s possible to substantially mitigate the risk of nonpayment associated with open account trades using export credit insurance, why aren’t more US businesses doing so? The five most common reasons cited are: low risk of our largest export markets, financial institution familiarity with and perception of trade finance, availability, high costs and misconceptions about coverage. This blog will attempt to address each in turn.
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