Cheaper, Easier, & Faster: What the TPP Means for US Small Businesses

April 26, 2016

The Problem: Tariff & Non-Tariff Barriers
Savvy small businesses are increasingly looking to foreign markets for growth opportunities but they face many tariff and non-tariff barriers—basically a tax on U.S. doing business in that country. Sometimes these tariffs can close-out US competition completely. Tariffs on U.S. manufactured goods can go as high as 100 percent and up to 700 percent for American agricultural products. Additionally, non-tariff barriers such as inaccessible or overly complex import licensing paperwork, unequal rules for customs valuations, pre-shipment requirements and rules-of-origin qualifiers, as well as differing product standards dissuade market entry.
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QMT Windchimes, Growing American Jobs & Expanding into Foreign Markets

March 17, 2016

QMT Windchimes is a family owned and operated manufacturer of made-in-America wind chimes, located in Manassas Park, Virginia. QMT originated with one man (Mike Throne) in one van, traveling the Florida craft show circuit, selling a number of products, including wind chimes. When his wind chime producer stopped selling, Mike decided to start a business making wind chimes in America.
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