Team Askin Technologies, Inc - How EXIM Empowered International Sales

March 24, 2016


“Without EXIM, I don’t think we would have had the confidence to pursue business internationally.” 
Debbie Askin, CEO of Team Askin Technologies, Inc.


Team Askin Technologies, Inc. (TATI) is a women-owned small business information service provider based in Fairfax, VA. Founded in 1992 by CEO Debbie Askin, TATI started off working on software development projects as a government contractor.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was TATI’s first large client, and throughout their 15-year partnership, TATI developed expertise in the subject matter of aviation safety, supporting the FAA with a wide range of IT services. Throughout the years, TATI has expanded its business reach and has also worked with many other clients, including the Department of Labor (DOL), Apptis, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Northrock: How Small Minority Owned Business Forged Into New Markets

February 16, 2016


Northrock is a small, minority-owned business that offers industrial procurement services to small, mid-market and large organizations. Its services include purchasing, consolidating and shipping goods, such as equipment valves, pumps, conveyor systems and electrical products.  Northrock’s services help its customers lower their supply-chain costs and increase efficiency.

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