USEACs Part I: What Are They & How Can They Help You Compete Globally?

January 12, 2016

American businesses are increasingly turning to exports as a source of opportunity, growth and diversification. Though foreign markets are more accessible than ever, exporting is still more complicated than doing business domestically and presents a unique set of challenges. Business owners with an eye on the international marketplace should not be deterred. There are powerful resources to empower exporters to overcome obstacles to global growth. One such resource – the network of U.S. Export Assistance Centers (USEACs) – should be on every exporter’s radar.

What is a USEAC?

USEACs are one-stop shops that equip U.S. businesses to compete globally. Staffed by international trade specialists from EXIM Bank, the Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration (SBA), these centers are located in metropolitan areas throughout the United States. They serve as ground-level support for American exporters and exporters-to-be.

Business Matchmaking Services at USEACs

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