5 Ways to Get Paid for Exports And Mitigate Risk

May 17, 2016

Getting Paid! 
More than 300,000 small and medium-sized U.S. companies are growing by exporting products to foreign buyers. When deciding to export, business owners consider several things including: does exporting align with the company’s growth strategy; do we understand what it takes to export profitably; and maybe most importantly: how do I get paid?
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Understanding the Supply Chain Transactional Relationship Diagram

June 09, 2015

Why does an exporter need to understand the Transactional Relationship Diagram in the Supply Chain? First, understanding this diagram will help you assess if your business has the ability to offer foreign buyers open account terms, and if so, what kind of terms. Second, understanding this diagram will further enable you to better understand your cash cycle and determine if you need export finance tools to mitigate the risks associated with open account trade.

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How Does A Letter of Credit Work and What Is It ?

December 31, 2014

Did you know that when exporting there are ways to secure payment from your foreign buyer so that if they do not pay you—you still get paid? A letter of credit is one method of payment that your export business can leverage to insure against foreign-buyer nonpayment.

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