No Money? No Problem. Lack of Cash is No Reason Not to Export

August 25, 2016

Businesses often shy away from exporting because of the lack of cash. Most feel they need collateral and cash in-hand to even start the process. The Export-Import Bank of the United States' (EXIM Bank) Working Capital Loan Guarantee unlocks the needed cash to purchase finished goods and/or the materials needed to make your product and pay employees who have direct action in the export side of your business

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Top 7 Supply Chain Risks That Could Affect Your Exports

April 12, 2016

Supply Chain Risk Concerns Aren’t Just for Large Corporates

The global supply chain is a marvel of logistics reflecting the interconnected nature of commerce. Today’s small business exporter can leverage advanced communications technologies to efficiently expand its market reach on the back of this global supply chain. However, while expanding opportunities allowing importers and exporters to do business with distant counter parties, it also opens up new operational risks requiring active management. 

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How to Expand Your Borrowing Base with EXIM Support

January 05, 2016

Many exporters rely on asset-based lending to finance their operations. Borrowing against inventory and accounts receivable allows businesses to accelerate cash flows and fulfill orders. But exporters face obstacles when it comes to asset-based loans. Banks can be hesitant to allow businesses to borrow against export-related assets, making accessing working capital difficult.

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